A git pre-commit hook to check the year of copyright notices

Like every year, touching a source file means you also need to update the year of the copyright notice you should have at the top of the file. I always end up forgetting about them, this is where a git pre-commit hook would be ultra-useful, so I wrote one:

# Check if copyright statements include the current year
files=git diff --cached --name-only
year=date +"%Y"

for f in $files; do
head -10 $f | grep -i copyright 2>&1 1>/dev/null || continue

if ! grep -i -e "copyright.*$year" $f 2>&1 1>/dev/null; then
missing_copyright_files="$missing_copyright_files $f"

if [ -n "$missing_copyright_files" ]; then
echo "$year is missing in the copyright notice of the following files:"
for f in $missing_copyright_files; do
echo " $f"
exit 1
Hope this helps!

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2013-01-13 21:39 +0000