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Extracting part of files with sed

For reference for my future self, a few handy sed commands. Let's consider this file:$ cat test-sed First line Second line -- Another line Last lineWe can extract the lines from the start of the file to the marker by deleting the rest:$ sed '/--/,$d' test-sed First line Second linea,b is the range the command, here d(elete), applies to. a and b can be, among others, line numbers, regular expressions or $ for end of the file. We can also extract the lines from the marker to the end of the file with:$ sed -n '/--/,$p' test-sed -- Another line Last lineThis one is slightly more complicated. By default sed spits all the lines it receives as input, '-n' is there to tell sed not to do that. The rest of the expression is to p(rint) the lines between -- and the end of the file.
That's all folks!