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Aligning C function parameters with vim

updated: now saves/retores the paste register

It has bothered me for a while, some coding styles, most notably in the GNOME world try to enforce good looking alignment of functions parameters such as:
static UniqueResponse
on_unique_message_received (UniqueApp         *unique_app,
gint               command,
UniqueMessageData *message_data,
guint              time_,
gpointer           user_data)
Until now, I aligned the arguments by hand, but that time is over! Please welcome my first substantial vim plugin: it defines a GNOMEAlignArguments command to help you in that task. All you have to do is to add this file in your ~/.vim/plugin directory and define a macro in your ~/.vimrc to invoke it just like this:
" Align arguments
nmap ,a :GNOMEAlignArguments<CR>